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13 05, 2020, 04:00:39 pm by Liso | Views: 619 | Comments: 21

Good day!

I am suggesting to add new weapons sounds, CoD wepsounds. There are 4 weapons sounds which are GTA SA v2, silenced, CSGO and GTA V. So I guess if we add another gun sounds it won't harm at all.

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Your feedback, Thanks.
If most of people liked it, i'll post the codes.

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Deagle/Silenced/Colt45/Combat Shotgun - Sawed off - Shotgun/ Sniper/ Rifle/ M4 - AK47 / Uzi - Tec-9.

Minigun sounds:
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04 05, 2020, 01:39:19 am by Harb | Views: 687 | Comments: 21


I’m here suggestion a small change to the uptime command, which I believe would be better for all players and help them check their progress. The current command counts the time you have spent online, but it re-start once you logout. I guess we could change how this command works so it counts the hours played you’ve earned per day. Some of us would like to check our progress and activity, but we usually fail to calculate our time spent online per day when we timeout or logout. This command would make it easier on everyone and I see no harm  by implementing this.

Players think it would be better if we added a new command, which I believe make more sense to be honest. This way, we could still keep the current command and check our daily progress using 2 different methods which would be used differently. The command should be something simple, /hdaily for example.
04 05, 2020, 01:26:28 am by Omar | Views: 523 | Comments: 27

I was at the LS Mall heping someone, after that he asked me how to change his moving style. So I had to take him all the way to the GYM so he can change it. there is already a place at the LS Mall that has a fihgting style marker, adding a moving style marker near it will really help newbies who want to change there moving style.
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02 05, 2020, 02:08:35 pm by Endurna | Views: 6725 | Comments: 11

Hi, as the title says I'm suggesting that "/basekick all" will only kick non-whitelisted members! For example, if X is in the group whitelist (either whitelisted account it or X is member of a whitelisted group), and a member of the group that owns the base do "/basekick all", X will not get kicked out of the base.
Note: This applies only to "/basekick all". If you run the command "/basekick X", X will get kicked out.
In addition, we should have a feature to kick a specific group with "/basekick <group name>". (even if a player is a using his group name as a nickname, the whole group will get kicked) (even if the group is whitelisted, Its members will get kicked)
Why this is needed: For those who check the complaint board frequently, maybe you have noticed that in the last few weeks, the number of complaints against base invasion has risen a bit. And most of them got invalidated with reason "/basekick". However, sometimes you just don't have enough time to type "/basekick <nick>" to kick the guy before he kills you or one of your group mates. so you either do "/basekick all" and risk kicked alliance members or you risk letting yourself/your groupmate die.
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* Changelog

Wednesday 27th May 2020
- SnooP and SalaR promoted to L3. (Head Staff)

Sunday 24th May 2020
- Senza, Nervous, Ptole, Nightwolf and Spider passed trial. (Head Staff)

Saturday 23rd May 2020
- Due to cheaters, picking a vehicle (with F2) inside a rented car show area will make your vehicle warp outside. (Brian + Pollux)
- Fixed cops not being able to pull a wanted player out of certain team restricted vehicles like the Stafford. (Arran + Sara)
- Fixed not being able to shoot until you reconnect if you try to rob a house but are blocked like if recently hurt. (Arran + daddy~)
- Rules stated on "Staff code of conduct" will be applied to any team with special access such as PC/SO/CB/GLM/ICM/PAM. (Brian)

Thursday 21st May 2020
- Fixed bugs related to buying CJ clothes. (Arran + Chin)

Tuesday 19th May 2020
- Added "Call Of Duty" custom weapon sounds in '/settings'. (Brian + Liso)

Monday 18th May 2020
- Added a moving / walk style marker at LS Mall. (Arran + Omar)

Sunday 17th May 2020
- Fixed /gmp being reset at every server's restart. (Brian)
- Fixed /gmp not deleting punishment lines removed from players punishlogs. (Brian + Haisum)

Saturday 16th May 2020
- Fixed terminator hit targets being able to open the prison gates. (Arran + Diamond)

Wednesday 13th May 2020
- Fixed AI trader not buying engine parts at the minimum listing price. (Arran + Sinon)

Tuesday 12th May 2020
- Amended rule #3 to make it clear that giving away accounts/ingame items and later on losing them will NOT be refunded. (Brian)

Monday 11th May 2020
- Fixed Malibu Club bugging players and disabling shooting+vehicle recovery for them. (Brian + HosttyBoy)
- Fixed weapons being disabled without reason when players respawn in LV turfs. (Brian + Bhairy)

Thursday 7th May 2020
- Fixed being able to use '/stinger' in event dimension. (Arran + CptDeniz)
- Fixed L7 train driver earning less than L6 train driver. (Arran + abdall2)
- Fixed (probably) jerry can refuelling a vehicle sometimes not working. (Arran + balkamen)
- Fixed some bomb disposal missions not having a visible target object. (Arran + CptDeniz)
- Fixed streaming music speaker being messed up if you changed stream URL. (Arran + Diamond)
- Fixed the 15 new locations in SF for abandoned vehicle side mission not being added. (Arran + David)

Wednesday 6th May 2020
- Expanded '/uptime' to show the time spent actively online by that computer in the last 24 hours, however this 24 hour period is reset not at a specific time but 24 hours after the server / script was restarted and is capped at 8 hours. (Arran + Harb)
- Fixed weed effect being disabled for everyone whenever a CEM ended an event. (Arran + Jonio)

Tuesday 5th May 2020
- Fixed APB's being able to dive under water. (Arran + Speedy + Vampire)

Sunday 3rd May 2020
- Added '/basekick nowl' that lets you kick all non-whitelisted players from your group base. (Brian + Endurna.)
- Fixed warping back to employment office not working. (Arran + Omar)
- Fixed gangsters being able to use '/criminal' even if they are being damaged by molotov fire. (Arran + TraXeR)
- Using '/svc' or '/setvehcolor' without any color code will open the color picker GUI for you to use to set the vehicles color. (Arran + Moons)
- Temporarily enabled an MTA feature called latency reduction which is meant to make it easier to hit moving players as it shows them in a slightly more accurate position. If you feel the game is better or worse (it has some animation bugs) say here:
- Made the flashbang effect have 1 flash that lasts 10 seconds due to players apparently having epilepsy while gaming. (Brian + CptDeniz)

Friday 1st May 2020
- Added a limit of 1 teleport / spawn at an MPCC Truck per 2 minutes. To see all MPCC restrictions press F1 and search MPCC. (Arran + Psycho)
- Added a setting called "Enable automatic engine ignition" that makes your vehicle's engine turn on/off under specific circumstances (topic=357303.0). (Brian + Pollux)
- Added a queue system to criminal events so you only need to attempt entering the marker once. (Arran + Psycho)
- Fixed being able to farm play time when AFK by being glued to a vehicle. (Brian + noD3)
- Fixed daily logins being reset for most players when the script / server restarts, this fix is the final time it will get reset. (Arran + noD3)
- Fixed speakers made with '/streamurl' not being enabled / disabled when the "Disable Speakers" setting is changed. (Arran + noD3)

Thursday 30th April 2020
- Fixed players being able to continuously hide inside the van heist vehicle to not get shot. (Arran + Diamond)
- Fixed players being able to abuse laying down during a gun fight, you can't lay down if shot in last 2 seconds. (Arran + Brian)
- Cops can't spawn at MPCC Truck that is within 40 meters of the active armed robbery location. (Arran)
- Cops can now buy armor from the MPCC Truck. (Arran + Dodgers)
- Fixed wanted players being able to drive trains and the tram. (Arran + FastLane)

Wednesday 29th April 2020
- Fixed some criminal event checkpoints being too high to capture and some others that were too high. (Arran + AJoker)
- Fixed where if you try to change job but aren't allowed to instead of having your job removed, you will retain your current job. (Arran + SalaR)
- Criminals who succeed in completing a criminal event, as well as the current escape cash reward, will receive 5 of each drug. (Arran + Albus)

Tuesday 28th April 2020
- Added location name into MPCC Trucks' warp names when you die or when you use 'Rapid Transport'. (Brian + Dodgers)

Monday 27th April 2020
- The issue might be fixed now. Possibly caused by a DDOS which made the host's anti-DDOS block legitimate packets.
- The network issues that cause many players to time out + can't rejoin is a server host fault. I will continue investigating.
- Added 15 more abandoned vehicle spawn points in San Fierro for mechanic / traffic officer side mission. (Suix86)

Saturday 25th April 2020
- Fixed being able to enter CJ clothes shop dimension even when shouldn't like if recently attacked. (Arran + noD3)
- Fixed bug where if you die and disconnect at same time and are jailed, you spawn outside of jail. (Arran + noD3)

Friday 24th April 2020
- KLM promoted to L9 group. (GLM Team)
- All players can glue to the MPCC Truck. (Arran + Harb)
- Changed to criminal events (SMB and CAS) to old maps. (Farhan-Khan)
- You can now respond to the last call with just '/res'. (Arran + Charly)
- Added State Official vehicle chase event. (MacMan + Nikos + Arran)

Tuesday 21st April 2020
- Fixed players being able to use a program called AutoHotKey to do cheating like giving themselves network trouble. (Dutchman101)
- Fixed group and squad negative warning levels getting reset to 0. (Arran + Moons)

Sunday 19th April 2020
- Fixed Patriot always flipping over when taking turns by copying Sandy Racer's suspensions handling. (Brian + Sergiu)

Saturday 18th April 2020
- Fixed certain player names that contain certain characters like ']' getting changed to a random name. (Arran)

Friday 17th April 2020
- You can now change between 3 variants of 'Regina Warthog', one unarmed, one armed with uzis and one armed with M4. Head to mod shop to switch variants. (Brian)
- Replaced 'Advanced Hummer' with a GTA:SA looking model variation of Regina. Renamed it to 'Regina Warthog'. (Brian)

Tuesday 14th April 2020
- Fixed '/cityzonekick' being broken. (Brian + Sara)

Monday 13th April 2020
- noD3, Sinon, Ranger28, and Lazio added as ICM. (Head Staff)
- Brand added as L2 Staff. (Head Staff)
- Spider, Nightwolf, Ptole, Nervous, Frozen, and Senza added as trial staff. (Head Staff)
- L3. Rami and L3. Burner promoted to L4. (Head Staff)
- L2. MaZika promoted to L3. (Head Staff)

Friday 10th April 2020
- Added 2 spoilers usable as variants on Turismo. (HarwoodButcher)
- Added shader support to 'ZR-350'. (Nightwolf)
- Added ability to toggle ON/OFF MCC Truck's spawn point. (Brian + Michael)

Tuesday 7th April 2020
- Replaced 'View Intro' button on login screen with a button for CIT Magazine that also tells you when a new edition is out. (Arran + TheHacker)
- Fixed redundant 'leadership changes' not being removed from group and squad history filters. (Arran + SquitZ)
- Added a setting called 'Ignored Custom Respawns' to disable annoying groups or CITy zone owners adding you to their spawn points often without reason. (Brian)

Monday 6th April 2020
- Disabled "aim_weapon" and "fire" controls when having spawn protection. (Brian + JayXxX)

Saturday 4th April 2020
- Moved as many jobs as possible to the ground floor of employment office so new players see them more. (Arran + Slow)
- Reduced sniper rifle damage by 17%. (Arran)
- Bound bases features like 'Vehicles panel' and 'Ammunation shop' to buttons that will appear on left side of your screen when pressing 'X' inside base. (Brian)

Friday 3rd April 2020
- The position of medics inside CE's will be visible with the red medic cross icon. Not visible if in low FPS mode. (Arran + Ptole)
- Fixed moron players ruining CE's by allowing team stackers to ruin CE's by removing the preference for anti rush. (Arran)
- Added Ship Robbery (SR) and Iron Storage (IS) to police codes '/codes'. (Arran + Atheer)

Thursday 2nd April 2020
- Also removed the name tag color not being applied to wanted players as wanted level shown above head makes that not a problem. (Arran)
- Re-enabled the name tag colors for official law groups since this setting is actually disabled by default. (Arran + Nervous)

Wednesday 1st April 2020
- Added Train Driver to '/stats'. (Arran + Pablo)
- When updating squad history, the last line that shows who updated it will now include their name instead of just account name. (Arran + Sr.Manco)
- Made the Stafford self repair like the Advanced Hummer, to reflect it's high price. (Arran + Wesse)
- Added a boat repair business to LS Docks. (Arran + N7nja)
- Fixed being able to use 'MCC Truck' as fast teleport by simply spawning it in strategical places. (Brian + Infernogates)
- Increased bullets received from 12 to 15 when crafting sniper rifle ammo. (Arran + Mode-XL)
- Removed unused "leadership changes" filter from group and squad history. (Arran + SquitZ)

Tuesday 31st March 2020
- The_Institute promoted to L9 group. (GLM Team)
- Wanted criminals can damage and destroy Police's MCC Trucks anytime even if the truck has no driver. (Brian + Arran)

Monday 30th March 2020
- Blessed_Ones promoted to L6 group. (GLM Team)
- L3+ groups can now use '/addbasespawn <spawn name>' and '/delbasespawn' inside their group base/area. (Brian)
- Disabled MCC Truck from being counted as custom spawn if it's inside a group base/area. (Brian)

Sunday 29th March 2020
- Fixed falling through ground after viewing a house at the estate agents. (Arran + SquitZ)
- Fixed MCC Truck spawn point being unavailable if the vehicle is being moved slightly by someone running into it. (Arran + NIGHTMARE)
- Gave CEM's access to create in-game votes. (Arran + MacMan)
- Fixed a bug where cops and criminals were both unable to enter criminal events that were in progress. (Arran)
- Added a new CE called Ship Robbery (SR) which is at LS docks mapped by Farhan-Khan. (Arran + Farhan-Khan)
- Reduced Butcher job's cooldown to 5 minutes and increased its leveling requirements. (Nikos + UlasDo)

Saturday 28th March 2020
- Added the ability for cops to spawn or rapid transport to any stationary, not broken down MCC Truck. (Arran + Brian)
- Fixed being able to buy armor from cars when taken damage in last 3 seconds. Disabled cops buying armor from cars in LV. (Arran + chaiNN)

Friday 27th March 2020
- Added 3 new radio stations named; Future Funk, FreeThinkRadio and KissFM. (Dream + Gummy + DrEllis + Sr.Manco)
- Removed 33 different radio stations from radio application because they were broken. (Dream + Xander)
- Added the negative warning stuff to units. (Arran)
- When giving a negative group / squad warning the message will now say "rewarded" instead of "warned". (Arran + Revo)

Thursday 26th March 2020
- Fixed negative group and squad warnings being reset to 0 after a while. (Arran + MacMan)
- Restricted the use of main chat to those who have linked their forum accounts and have any forum rank. (Arran)
- Extended group base features to those groups owning a CITy zone as group base. (Brian)

Wednesday 25th March 2020
- Added a countdown system for squads, use '/squadcountd <count>' to use it. (Relerx + Soul)

Tuesday 24th March 2020
- Added the 'FBI Truck' to list of vehicles that can be glued onto by anyone. (Arran + Ptole)
- Added a new Armed Robbery called "Iron Storage". Half of the payment will be in Iron units. Use '/gps' to find the location. (Brian + Captain)

Monday 23rd March 2020
- Added 'Country Chat Color' to '/settings' to change the start color of country chat messages. (Arran + Charly)
- Fixed gangsters being able to use '/stealth' in LS turfs. (Arran + Louai)
- Groups and squads can now set a negative warning level (which can be used like a reward) up to -999%. (Arran + IVAN)
- Fixed 'Ti Truckie' job not getting paid the right amount when they do trucker missions. (Arran + Ryan)

Friday 20th March 2020
- Removed the permanent ability to open base gates from official law jobs due to abuse, base gates will open only when wanted players are hiding inside base area. (Brian)
- Made grenade dropping not possible when classic LV setting is enabled. (Arran + Bhairy)
- Added 20 different Spanish speaking countries to the same country chat. (Arran + Unity)

Thursday 19th March 2020
- Fixed being able to edit a CITy object if hurt in the last 10 seconds to prevent exploiting. (Arran + DSA)
- Added AI buyer for Wedding Rings. (Arran + AJoker)
- Fixed some admin log lines not being deletable if they contained weird characters. (Arran + Burner)

Wednesday 18th March 2020
- puhQ, PapaGonzo, Nikos, CooLDuDe added as Honorable due to their long-time contribution as PAM. (Brian)

Tuesday 17th March 2020
- Re-activated the downstairs at CAS criminal event. (Dream + TJ)
- Removed more than 400 objects uselessly mapped in LS crowded places that cluttered players and lowered their performance. (Brian)

Saturday 14th March 2020
- Added a new race named "San Fierro Hazardous Race" to /race. (Dream + Suix86)
- Added a recovery pad next to Montgomery hospital. (Dream + WakaMan)
- Fixed the "next rank" in F3 showing level 0 when your rank is level 0. (Arran + Haisum)
- Fixed selling armor from the boxville consuming so much Iron that it resulted in losing money. (Arran + Hyfa.JR)
- Fixed abandoned vehicle tow truck mission for traffic cops and mechanics being highly overpaid. (Arran + Hyfa.JR)

Friday 13th March 2020
- Fixed sometimes seeing "Herbs: 0" and "Hemp: 0" in your inventory. (Arran + NIGHTMARE)
- Fixed the zone name of user defined bookmarks being incorrect. (Arran + NIGHTMARE)
- Fixed some LV turfs ending up with the color of the name tag of the player capturing it, instead of the groups chosen color. (Arran + Bhairy)
- Fixed players with 100 to 500 hours of play time only being able to send $10,000,000 instead of $100,000,000 per week. (Arran + Hyfa.JR)
- Fixed wanted criminals being able to glue to vehicles driven by unwanted players. (Arran + iRaMoS)

Thursday 12th March 2020
- ChaosGuardians promoted to L7. (GLM Team)

Wednesday 11th March 2020
- Added 6 public zone areas to /gps. (Dream + NIGHTMARE)
- SugarRush passed trial. (Staff Management)

Sunday 8th March 2020
- Fixed fire fighters being able to rescue peds while driving a vehicle. (Arran + NIGHTMARE)

Sunday 1st March 2020
- Made it so '/vehskin' opens a panel with all available vehicle shaders for your account/group/squad. (Brian)

Friday 28th February 2020
- Owning a house will give you access to food and skin/clothes markers inside the interior. (Brian)
- Added Secret Military Warehouse (SWH) to /gps. (Dream + FastLaneGamer)

Thursday 27th February 2020
- Added derail warning sound for train driver. (Nuko + Greatben)

Wednesday 26th February 2020
- Fixed being able to damage vehicles that are in a safe zone. (Arran + Quartz)
- Fixed not having shooting disabled for 8 seconds when switching to gangster via '/gojob'. (Arran + TJ)
- Removed the '[LV] Super Game Speed' preference because it's bad. (Arran)

Tuesday 25th February 2020
- Completely re-scripted Hunter job. Payments and levelling still have to be adjusted. (Brian)

Sunday 23rd February 2020
- Fixed wanted players not being able to glue to vehicles driven by other wanted players. (Arran + SquitZ)
- Golem accepted as ICM (Staff Management)

Saturday 22nd February 2020
- Mordecai and Unity accepted as ICMs (Staff Management)

Friday 21st February 2020
- Set the default movement styles to parkour. (Arran + Phorpride)

Wednesday 19th February 2020
- Fixed wanted players being able to glue and be driven around by unwanted players. (Arran + Roustm)

Monday 17th February 2020
- Fixed wanted gangsters being able to take vehicle damage from other gangsters even if you're inside a safe zone. (Arran + Kenz)
- Fixed unwanted criminals / gangsters being able to abuse / troll cop cars by ramming them. (Arran + Ptole)
- Fixed being able to animate during the time you're frozen after buying armor. (Arran + NIGHTMARE)
- 5thStreetSaints promoted to L9. (GLM Team)

Saturday 15th February 2020
- Fixed some min / max / AI buys at / AI sells at prices being wrong and made the text clearer. (Arran + NIGHTMARE)

Friday 14th February 2020
- Added AvidaCompany base to /gps. (Dream)

Monday 10th February 2020
- ICM. SugarRush promoted to L1. (Staff Management)
- L2. Quartz, Volcano and Badboy promoted to L3. (Staff Management)

Sunday 9th February 2020
- New players will start with a Faggio and Moonbeam in F2. (Arran + Ptole)
- Probably fixed squad login messages not appearing. (Arran + Haisum)
- Fixed "last seen" in F10 / messenger often being completely wrong. (Arran + Haisum)

Saturday 8th February 2020
- AvidaCompany promoted to L6. (GLM Team)

Thursday 6th February 2020
- Fixed globally and fully muted players being able to answer state official quizzes. (Relerx + SquitZ)

Wednesday 5th February 2020
- Fixed the freeze that occurs when opening map (pressing F11.) (Relerx)
- Fixed fisherman bug where couldn't finish any more after selling fish. (Relerx + TwilightZ)
- You will now auto-fish once you aim and start fishing. Left click to cancel. (Relerx + Senza)

Friday 31st January 2020
- Fixed non level 20 cops being able to use '/sirens'. (Arran + I'mf3arlessFTW)
- Fixed being able to hide inside cars to avoid being shot by repeatedly running into an empty car. (Arran + NIGHTMARE)
- Fixed problems entering a criminal event when the event is in progress. (Arran + Coolwolf)

Thursday 30th January 2020
- Fixed not being able to be killed by the bots in man vs bot. (Arran + NIGHTMARE)
- Added 2013's "Street Cleaner" mini-mission when entering a Sweeper. (Brian + Rami)
- Added "Butcher" mini-mission. (Nikos)

Wednesday 29th January 2020
- Fixed being able to kill other players and fixed being able to get wanted in Man vs Bot. (Arran + Haisum + NIGHTMARE)

Tuesday 28th January 2020
- Fixed gangsters not receiving all the messages about APB's and fixed them not seeing the APB blip in some cases. (Arran + Mordecai)
- Fixed there been a CITy object (the armor cupboard) that once placed could not be selected for editing / deleting. (Arran + Hanran)

Wednesday 22nd January 2020
- Fixed '/go Train Driver' not working for L10 train drivers. (Arran + NIGHTMARE)
- Fixed the protected area at SFPD going into the road. (Arran + ThunDer)
- Fixed civilians being able to damage barriers by shooting them. (Arran + iRaMoS)

Tuesday 21st January 2020
- Fixed some players being able to place a speaker inside a criminal event. (Arran + Mr.Ahmed)
- Players stood within 35 meters of the criminal event entrance will be counted as being in the event when regarding the limits. (Arran)
- Fixed being able to do animations while putting on armor. (Arran + NIGHTMARE)
- Fixed alliance destination blip being the same color as group. Also changed squad destination color slightly. (Arran + 3bood)

Friday 17th January 2020
- Added man vs bots where bots can be fought as a team. Entrance is at LS All Saints General Hospital. (Relerx)

Sunday 12th January 2020
- Rami, Combat, Shogun and Burner promoted to L3. (Staff Management)
- L1. MaZika, SalaR, Senza, and SnooP passed trial period. (Staff Management)
- Removed the redundant feature of always seeing main chat messages, if the player was nearby you. (Arran + NIGHTMARE)
- Fixed the 5 minute cool down time when using '/go police officer' applying if the skin selection GUI is closed. (Arran + NIGHTMARE)
- Fixed the cool down time when switching from police to criminal still being 5 minutes instead of 1. (Arran + 3bood)
- Fixed non event managers with access to placing speakers being able to place them in event dimension. (Arran + TheHacker)
- Fixed auto pay jail fine not working when prison time was greater than 1000 seconds. (Arran + C#Reformed)

Wednesday 8th January 2020
- Removed some redundant military / rebel stuff. (Arran + Combat + kubeQQQ)

Tuesday 7th January 2020
- Updated several jobs' tutorial videos. (Cooldude + Nightmare + MacMan + Simo)

Sunday 5th January 2020
- Fixed not being able to see a skin preview in the skin list of skins with an ID over 1000. (Arran + Known)

Saturday 4th January 2020
- Re-located the armor pickups at Rodeo Bank, Blueberry and Drug Shipment. (Dream + Captain-America)
- Forum: set all boards to count posts. (Arran)
- Dream promoted to L5 (Brian)
- Fixed muted players being able to send messages using group and squad polls. (Relerx + chaiNN)
- Fixed '/mgd' not working. (Arran + Malone)

Friday 3rd January 2020
- Added 7 skins that can be seen in GTA:SA Single Player cutscenes. (Brian + Xorke)
- Forum: Renamed Injustice Resolution board to Unfairness Cases and gave PAM team control of the board. (Arran + Nikos)
- Fixed vehicle locking not working for many players. (Arran + WooDy)

Sunday 29th December 2019
- Army Jeep can now be used by everyone. (Arran + Burner)

Saturday 28th December 2019
- CIT scripts can now be translated to Ukrainian, Danish, Vietnamese and Bulgarian. (Arran + Rami)
- Updated the in-game rules so that every mutable chat offence is listed there. (Arran)
- Removed Military / Rebel system as most of the time 0 players were playing it. (Arran)

Friday 27th December 2019
- Commonly used swear words in GTA SA may now be said. Any words containing: "fuck", "shit", "bitch", "ass", "dick", "nigga", "bastard", "prick", "whore". (Arran + chaiNN#)

Thursday 26th December 2019
- Added 9 more car factory property icons, below Solarin Industries. (Arran + ThunDer)
- Increased squad invite limit from 3 per 3 hours to 5 per 2 hours. (Arran + BUXI)
- Robbing the butchers will now give 1000 Meat instead of money. (Arran + ComptoN)
- Fixed 'AI Trader Max' displaying the price AI sells for instead of the max price AI buys at. (Arran)
- Increased the image quality used for '/takess' so images will take longer to be saved. (Arran + Pablo)
- Added freight resource mission to train driver job. Added train driver to F3 and employment offices. (Nuko + HarwoodButcher)
- Fixed wanted criminals and cops being able to grief each other by running the other side over. (Arran)

Wednesday 25th December 2019
- Attending an armed robbery will not give more wanted points if already got 6 stars, due to abuse at certain times of day. (Arran)

Tuesday 24th December 2019
- Fixed LV max FPS not being lowered if the game speed is decreased, like if 'classic LV' is activated. (Arran + Fox)

Monday 23rd December 2019
- Ramming (running over someone with a vehicle) will now be punishable only when the victim of ramming is killed; however, continuously ramming (hitting someone with a vehicle) falls under trolling and is also punishable. (Staff Team)

Thursday 19th December 2019
- Added more nitrous factories at Solarin Industries in SF. (Arran + Eich)
- Possibly fixed (again) daily login rewards being reset when it shouldn't. (Arran)
- Added a preference to '/settings' called '[LV] Classic / Old LV'. (Arran + Bhairy)

Wednesday 18th December 2019
- Recovering trains will now actually recover it to the correct track using a hack fix for the GTA bug. (Arran)

Tuesday 17th December 2019
- Fixed trolls being able to get you to stand on their vehicle if they drive into you and wait 5 seconds. (Arran + I'mf3arlessFTW)

Monday 16th December 2019
- Fixed a memory leak that caused some players to crash due to running out memory. (Arran + Dutchman101)
- Fixed skin IDs higher than 1000 being reset on players' death. (Brian + NIGHTMARE)
- Fixed not being able to recover cars/shoot if owner of carshow made the rent expire after leaving his own carshow. (Brian + 3bood)
- Updated '/gps' list. (Brand + SalaR + ThunDer)

Sunday 15th December 2019
- Added some skin mods used during last Halloween event that were most appreciated by players. (Brian)
- Made Tram and passengers train carriages enterable so that players can glue in them and be transported. (Brian)

Saturday 14th December 2019
- Reduced the iron consumption of mod shops and pay and sprays by 20%. (Arran + Mordecai)
- Removed the auto APB limit when there are already 3 APB's. (Arran + Mordecai)
- Removed the limit of being able to rob 5 stores every 10 minutes. Now you can't rob the same store within 10 minutes. (Arran + #Nathan)
- Removed the restriction on moving to the sides while firing the Uzi and Tec-9. (Arran + #Nathan + mur)
- Increased the time you get removed as gangster when in LS for being AFK from 5 to 20 minutes. (Arran + #Nathan)
- Increased the freedom of the market by increasing max sale prices and the AI trader sell prices. (Arran + DeathWish + tiigs)
- Putting on armor (which freezes you for 5 seconds) can now be cancelled by jumping. (Arran + #Nathan)
- Increased preference settings updates from 10 to 60 minutes to reduce amount of times they switch back and forth. (Arran + Western)
- Increased '/dropcash' usage limit from 10 to 20 times per 18 hours. (Arran + Roustm)
- Being near an APB will only give you a wanted level for assisting, if you already have a wanted level. (Arran)
- Added 'APB Assist' to '/settings' to disable getting wanted and paid for assisting nearby APB's. (Arran + 3bood)

Friday 13th December 2019
- Fixed alliance messages not appearing in 'J' => 'Alliance' when alliance chat is disabled. (Arran)
- Added '/mad' (mark alliance destination) which is like '/mgd'. (Arran + 3bood)
- Fixed gangsters attacking / killing each other counting towards riot stats. (Arran + Mordecai)
- Fixed the 'X' command search list getting reset if you click any where in the grid list. (Arran + Mazenolla)
- If you send someone a marriage proposal they will get a message saying so and how to accept it. (Arran + Sweet)
- Forum: re-enabled seeing forum user post counts in their posts. (Arran + Brand)
- Forum: Reduced active members required for group boards. (Arran + TheHacker)
- Marriage partners are able to enter their partners locked vehicle. (Arran + Sweet)

Thursday 12th December 2019
- Changed the DL3 '/streamurl' access to any where that's not a safe zone. (Arran + Capodecina)
- Removed the limit that prevented '/payjailfine' being used when seconds in jail was over 1000 seconds. (Arran + 3bood)
- US_Army_Rangers promoted to L6. (GLM Team)
- Changed the armed robbery payment reduction to apply when robbers is greater than all online cops. (Arran + Dimit)
- Fixed squad login / quit messages not appearing on a linked discord channel. (Relerx + A.KZ)

Tuesday 10th December 2019
- If Military and Rebel teams are unbalanced by 6, pay will be 50% more for smaller team, 50% less for bigger team. (Arran + Dimit)
- If Military and Rebel teams are unbalanced by 3, pay will be 25% more for smaller team, 25% less for bigger team. (Arran + Dimit)
- Fixed criminals not being able to get wanted when they aim at a cop driving a vehicle. (Arran + Dimit)
- Auto APB will not post APB's if there are already 3 APB's posted. (Arran + Dimit)
- If criminals that attend an armed robbery is greater than 50% of total online cops, the reward is reduced 80%. (Arran + Dimit)
- Fixed being able to build barriers within an armed robbery area. (Arran + Senza)
- Added 'Gangster Groups' board that will collect all those groups who identify themselves as LV/LS gangster groups. (Brian)
- Forum: you can request a law group board 2 months after you created a law group. (Brian + MacMan)

Monday 9th December 2019
- Reduced the cool down time when switching between law and crime sides from 5 to 1 minute. (Arran + Geeky)
- Added drugs to the AI Trader's listings. (Arran + Supra)
- Decreased squad board requirement from 4 to 2 months of existence. (Arran + Mordecai)
- Fixed daily login rewards giving all 30 rewards in 1 go. (Arran + Coolwolf)
- Squad chat can now be linked to discord channels use /sdiscordcode to start the process. (Relerx + HarwoodButcher)

Sunday 8th December 2019
- Fixed all players still being able to craft the armor box barrier. (Arran + Coolwolf)
- Fixed not being able to properly assign a wanted player with an official criminal group job. (Arran + Cooper)
- Fixed being able to get engine parts from winning races even if exceeded the income limit. (Arran + Known)
- Fixed APB's being able to stay in LV if they spawn in LV by warping them out after a while. (Arran + 3bood)
- Reverted to the old rebel / military turf system which didn't have checkpoints to capture. (Arran + Dimit)
- Hopefully reduced the amount of times the daily login streak gets bugged and resets. (Arran + Dimit)

Saturday 7th December 2019
- Added '/msd' (manage squad destination) which is just like '/mgd'. (Arran + Expire)
- Deleted perk system (money is auto refunded on login) as all it did was add complexity and unbalance. (Arran)

Thursday 5th December 2019
- Fixed the '/perks' system not working correctly. (Nuko + kubeQQQ)

Wednesday 4th December 2019
- When Military or Rebels enter a vehicle marker for a vehicle they can't spawn, they will be given a Sanchez. (Arran + Dimit)
- Removed 'Rifleman' and 'Warrior' from Military vs Rebels. The weapons these classes got now go to all classes. (Arran + Dimit)

Monday 2nd December 2019
- Rules: Making fun of punishments' cases will not now be directly punished for and are only handled when reported. (Staff + PAMs)
- Fixed train driver job. (Nuko)
- Added the Tesla Cybertruck. (Brian + Prototype)
- L7 groups' vehicle tazer for cops will reduce your vehicle's max speed for 20 seconds instead of making you lose controls. (Brian + Jayxxx + MacMan)

Sunday 1st December 2019
- Removed the group level requirement to link a discord channel to a group chat, now all groups can. (Arran)

Saturday 30th November 2019
- Updated /race. (Vampire + MacMan + Known.)

Thursday 28th November 2019
- Stopped train drive job again due to infinite money bug still not fixed.
- Fixed 'Top Scrapper' being in 'Criminal' instead of 'Civilian' section of 'Todays Tops' in F1. (Arran + Angels)
- On Saturday there will be a special double money event starting at 11 AM and ending at 9 PM (Timezone UTC +1). (Arran + Dimit)

Monday 25th November 2019
- MaZika, SalaR, Senza and SnooP added as Trial Staff. (Staff Management)
- Fixed LV turf earnings in '/stats' not displaying the correct amount. (Arran + SnooP)

Sunday 24th November 2019
- Added a new preferences section in CITsettings called 'LS PREFERENCES'. (Brian + 3bood)
- Added a panel for those who rent Malibu Club with some new features like ability to add a list of url links to play and an advert system for players. (Brian + Skyper)
- Made 'Sabre Turbo' paintable. (Nightwolf)

Saturday 23rd November 2019
- Fixed being able to bypass certain job taking restrictions if using official group job assignment. (Arran + Jumper)
- Fixed barrier 20 (armor box) being craftable by everyone instead of just staff / PC / CB / SO. (Arran + I'mf3arlessFTW)

Friday 22nd November 2019
- Stopped train driver job due it having an infinite money exploit. (Arran)
- Reduced the altitude at which fireworks explode. (Arran + Cerberus)

Thursday 21st November 2019
- Added Train Driver job to /gps. (Brand)
- Added train driver job. (Relerx + Java + Nikos + Nuko + Eleanor)

Wednesday 20th November 2019
- SWATTeam promoted to L9. (GLM Team)

Monday 18th November 2019
- Probably fixed some races not being in the rotation of races. (Arran + kubeQQQ)
- In every 50 to 100 hours, one of these hours will have a doubled cash earnings and income limit. (Arran + Dimit)
- Updated /gps script. (Vampire + SalaR)
- Guiders will see a special blip on the player they warp to for 2 minutes. (Arran + BadMan)

Thursday 14th November 2019
- Fixed being able to get killed by rockets that shouldn't hurt you if you're entering a vehicle and the vehicle takes damage. (Arran + Mordecai)
- Added a notification (those that only appear when you're AFK) when you receive a CITbook friend request. (Arran + MacMan)

Wednesday 13th November 2019
- Made it so players can have 2 hats applied to themselves through '/viphats'. (Brian + TactiX77)

Monday 11th November 2019
- ChaosGuardians promoted to L6. (GLM Team)
- Bikers promoted to L9. (GLM Team)

Wednesday 6th November 2019
- Killing a cop in an armed robbery now gives 900 more criminal RP, completing the armed robbery gives 750 less. (Arran + Bokila)
- Fixed players being invincible inside vehicles due to an earlier bug fix. (Brian + Fearless)
- Added '/dropcash amount' (10,000 to 100,000) to spread the wealth. (Arran + Bokila)

Monday 4th November 2019
- Added the ability to toggle sprinting (running) by tapping your sprint key. Can be disabled in '/settings' (search sprint). (Arran)

Saturday 2nd November 2019
- Trapsfall passed Trial. (Leaders of the Staff Team)

Friday 1st November 2019
- Added another location (in Whetstone) for loading oil for the Fuel Transporter job. (Arran + Cook)
- Added 'LV Turf Earnings' to '/stats'. (Arran + Johns)
- 'Enable Squad Blips' in '/settings' being set to 'No' will now cause your blip to be hidden to squad mates. (Arran + JayXxX)
- Added sound when receiving SMS, volume of it can be changed in '/settings' (search sms) (Arran + Atheer)
- '/jetpack' will now work in the event dimension instead of needing to do '/eventjetpack'. (Arran + Prototype)

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