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07 01, 2018, 07:46:05 pm by Raekwon | Views: 344 | Comments: 2

After seeing that LMS has pretty much died, and no one really gives a shit about it anymore and after reading this
Quote from: Arran
Just another event like LMS that ends with 2 players out of 700 playing it, utter fucking waste of time.
I've came up with this lil suggestion to buff up it's value and make it a more enjoyable event.

Suggestion explained in one paragraph: Basically, LMS will happen hourly and the winner will get more money than the initial reward.

Additional details that are necessary for the suggestion: After each LMS round, a timer set to an hour will start up and when it reaches zero another LMS round will start. People can check for this timer using the /lms command and it will hint how much time until the next round.
Also, the current reward system is 11k multiplied by the number of players taking part in the event, let's make it 20k per player.

This suggestion is worth the time developing because: It will make LMS a more interesting event because it's not repetitive (not boring) and it will pay better to have a more enjoyable experience (an event that rewards your efforts = a fun event).
06 01, 2018, 01:11:49 am by HappN | Views: 432 | Comments: 1

Suggestion explained in one paragraph: I think I should be added an achievement for the 1000/1000 points while driving bikes.

Additional details that are necessary for the suggestion: according to some people that were online on the server that was two possible names that I liked. One of them was "The Lost And Damned" and the other was "Road Warrior". I liked more "The Lost And Damned" but since some people didn't played GTA:IV I think the most correct one is "Road Warrior".

This suggestion is worth the time developing because: its gonna make people happy and interested about driving bikes.
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* Changelog

Tuesday 16th January 2018
- Stopped LS turfing script as a new version is in the works. (Arran)
- Added '/earnlimit' to see how much you've earned in past hour. (Arran + Thunderbolt)
- Fixed being able to press 'X' and hover over a player to see their name if their nametag is disabled. (Arran + PiNo)
- Fixed not being able to heal from med kits while attached to a vehicle. (Arran + Maya)
- Fixed being able to SMS not yet logged in players. (Arran + RealGame)
- Fixed being able to use restricted words like "APB" in custom titles. (Arran + DesiigneR)

Sunday 14th January 2018
- Redesigned trucker job to use a list of deliveries decided by server. (Brian)
- Tweaked and added bug fixes for graffiti feature. (Brian)

Saturday 13th January 2018
- Added player names to F11 if they've been marked with a blip. (JaVa + Bocanegra)
- Added 17 new CITy textures. (Arran + TheHacker)
- The team that controls the Oil Refinery will get 100 oil along with cash payment for sites held. (Arran + Tomukas)
- Mark group destination ('/mgd') can now be used in law farm and apartments dimensions (Arran + DeadStunter)
- Added Relerx, Java and MHP as official developers. (Arran)

Friday 12th January 2018
- Fixed dead peds having an animation set on them, like the security guard peds. (Arran + RealGame)
- BNA promoted to L5 group. (Staff Team)

Thursday 11th January 2018
- Increased damage of melee weapons so they are now actually a viable way to get kills. (Arran)
- Spraycan, Bat, Shovel and Golfclub can now be crafted. (Arran)
- Double clicking on F11 will not cause a GPS waypoint to be added, modified, or removed. (Arran)
- To prevent players being able to abuse high ping to avoid getting damaged the attacker will handle any damage to players who are moving and ping is over 400. So if you shoot 1 of these players on your screen but on their laggy screen they don't see it, they will take damage. (Arran)

Wednesday 10th January 2018
- Placing a GPS waypoint on F11 now only requires 1 left click, double clicking is for warping. (Arran)
- Added achievement for reaching 1000 / 1000 skill for motorbike and BMX / skateboard. (Arran + HappN)
- Added emjoi for "Ty" (Thank you). (Arran + FlAsH)
- Flying cars '/aircar' to toggle it, can now be used in apartments. (Arran + MusicWave)

Tuesday 9th January 2018
- Added limit of 3 days between uses of team vote feature. (Arran + RealGame)
- Disabled group, squad and alliance blips while playing Last Man Standing. (Arran + Lxuraz)
- Time between end and start of next Last Man Standing game will be 1 hour. (Arran + Raekwon)
- Added Military and Rebel tabs to F1 that show what score groups are getting. (Arran + IronMan)
- Fixed medics being able to see ped blips after death and while not inside emergency vehicles. (Brian + Realgame)

Monday 8th January 2018
- Replaced '/warpmap' with a quicker method, press F11, hold right click, double click middle mouse button at target. (Arran)
- It is now easier to remove a GPS waypoint using F11, you can double click at the existing blip to remove it. (Arran)
- Added 'Weapon Storage' object to CITy zones + apartments which will open your vehicle inventory. (Arran)
- Modified the unused ingame voting system so that now DL2+ can use it, $150 per reader, limited to only 1 team like: '/teamvote crim/cop/civ question'. (Arran)
- Added ability to choose team while assigning job for official groups. (Brian + Cold)
- Added on screen text while in a heist that says how many seconds left till it starts. (Arran)
- Upgraded the ped bots abillity to hit moving targets so you can no longer just run past them and not get shot. (Arran)

Sunday 7th January 2018
- Fixed '/emblip' not working properly. (Brian)
- Fixed being able to exploit RC van to drive underwater. (Brian + KuaT)
- Fixed RPG cooldown not working sometimes. (Brian)
- Added a new way to sell Armor with Boxville van. (Brian)
- Fixed being able to get damaged in safe zone while using '/uav'. (Arran + Lxuraz)

Saturday 6th January 2018
- Fixed bug in police computer where if you clicked on certain spots the background image would block text. (Arran + Vampire)
- Added police stats to 'F3' opportunities interface. (Arran)
- Removed the need to have 300 arrests before joining the Military since apparently it didn't even work. (Arran + Relerx)
- Gave police 5 seconds of invincibility when entering heists due to criminals being scum and camping the entrance. (Arran)
- Fixed heists only being able to have 10 criminals by removing unbalance limit. (Arran + Apache995)
- Fixed collision problems with racing. (Arran + Paddington)
- Made the LMS radar area only visible to those playing LMS. (Arran)
- Added opportunities list to F3, shows all opportunities on the server, post missing info in 'Give feedback for a Recent Update'. (Arran)
- Removed criminal and civilian panel that were bound to F5. (Arran)

Friday 5th January 2018
- Amman added as Trial Staff. (Staff Team + Community)
- GPS route is now visible on F11 map. (Arran)

Thursday 4th January 2018
- Fixed being able to not take damage by using '/uav' then flying far away. (Arran + Annex)
- Added pay and spray marker to LSPD garage. (Arran + Jaguar)
- Added rapid transport location for the rebel base. (Arran + Jaguar)
- Improved rapid transport GUI for cops and criminals by not showing the one they're not allowed to warp to. (Arran)
- Fixed APB being able to forever evade capture by flying in a Hydra. (Arran + PedoBear)
- Due to police rushing and ruining heists, police can now only enter once it's started. (Arran)
- Fixed an exploit where you could place an object in a CITy zone, save it, then move it to another zone. (Arran + Apple)
- Fixed time limit for taking arrested player to prison disappearing if the cop kills a criminal. (Arran + Senza)

Wednesday 3rd January 2018
- Added shaders support on Sandy Racer. Check topic=130604.0 for info. (Sashko)
- Fixed not getting warped to Last Man Standing if attached to a vehicle. (Arran + Apple)

Tuesday 2nd January 2018
- Fixed criminal boss and police chief system allowing heads to promote others to heads, without oversight from staff. (Arran)
- Added chat box message when placing large barriers or the flare, which state special rules for those 'barriers'. (Arran)
- Vehicles in safe zones will not collide with other vehicles. (Arran + Annex)
- Added CIT Radio channels to CITphone radio app. (Arran + Geert)
- Fixed the CITy Island water mod shop marker being under the water. (Arran + Juk)
- Fixed vehicle stats info when viewing a vehicle to buy being an unreadable color. (Arran + Ariana)
- Fixed '/heist update' not being disabled properly. (Arran + Vampire)
- Fixed the military backpack '/equip' item not applying the 10x slower food consumption to jumping. (Arran + Chin)
- Fixed not getting warped to Last Man Standing if you were inside a vehicle. (Arran + Apple)
- Fixed players with a hit target, being able to enter houses. (Arran + Apple)

Monday 1st January 2018
- Medic mission: fixed ped blips not being removed once they get healed. (Brian + TonyLlanco)
- Carshow rental will be canceled if the host leaves area for 5 minutes. (Brian + Apple)

Sunday 31st December 2017
- Added shaders support on Voltic and Wayfarer. Check topic=130604.0 for info. (Sashko)

Saturday 30th December 2017
- Fixed Shotgun's incendiary bullets causing damage inside safe zones in LV. (Brian + aVica)
- LMS: Fixed spam about players completing a hit on LMS players. (Arran + Apple)
- LMS: You can now sign up to LMS while it's in progress. (Arran)
- Fixed hits being able to use oxygen tank equipment to hide underwater. (Arran)
- LMS: Fixed players being able to use their personal vehicles. (Arran)
- Added even more hack fixes for MTA desync causing peds to be invincible. (Arran + TonyLlanco)

Friday 29th December 2017
- Forum: Updated rule 14 to mention that if warning level is over 0% the shout box won't work. (Arran)
- LMS: Added random logs in the water in case the fight area is in the water. (Arran)
- LMS: Added a staircase on West side of Sherman Dam to get up from the water on front and back of the dam. (Arran + Shadow)
- Fixed criminal mission list not having heist information. (Arran + Matt)
- Fixed giving spray can to medics every time they healed someone, it caused them to stop spraying. (Arran + Ariana)
- Fixed possibility of getting wanted while in prison, if the van heist drives past prison. (Arran + TiJo$)
- CITPhone: Added 'Online Courses' app, which opens the GUI for '/courses'. (Arran + Holger)
- Heists: Fixed '/heist update' not removing the on screen message when it's being disabled. (Arran + Amman)
- Races: Fixed annoying camera shake during countdown. (Arran)
- Races: Fixed abandoned vehicles not being removed. (Arran)
- Races: Fixed vehicles in the race dimension sometimes colliding with each other. (Arran + DarkLexsus)
- Fixed being able to use modshop marker while driving hijack or van heist vehicles. (Arran + DeadStunter)
- LMS: Fixed getting spammed with messages about $4000 hits being placed on players. (Arran + Apple)

Thursday 28th December 2017
- Fixed skydiving and parachuting being a bit buggy. (Arran)
- Upgraded chat spam filter to work with all different language characters. (MHP)
- Fixed commonly used exploit to create desync by punching while sprinting. (Arran + Vampire)
- Fixed being able to animate while moving as it's exploitable. (Arran + FunkSoul)
- LMS: Added achievement for being the Last Man Standing. (Arran)
- LMS: Instead of nobody winning at the end when there are still survivors, everyone will lose health so someone wins. (Arran)
- Added Last Man Standing. Use '/lms'. (Serious + Arran)

Wednesday 27th December 2017
- Fixed the collisionless vehicle script not always making vehicles collisionless when they should have been. (Arran)
- Vehicles driven by unemployed civilians will not collide with others vehicles. (Arran)
- If country chat is disabled, you'll only be able to send a country chat message via 'J' chat interface. (Arran + UlasDO)
- Dead players will be collisionless to prevent their dead body blocking the path. (Arran + Redfire)
- Improved '/notify' so you can do '/notify accountName' and also added it to X -> Click on another player. (Arran)
- Added '/notify' to be able to add notification when a specific account logs in. (JAVAAA + Arran + Dredd)
- Added 'See Target Ping' to '/settings' for players who think seeing the ping of who they're aiming at might help. (ForLaX + Arran + Annex)

Tuesday 26th December 2017
- Fixed being able to arrest wanted players who just spawned, they have 4 seconds to run. (Arran + Richiniro)
- Removed 'Flowers' weapon due to MTA sync bugs making it exploitable. (Arran + Vampire)
- Fixed peds getting bugged so much due to MTA sync bugs by recreating the ped when they die. (Arran + Ninja)
- Fixed Shotgun 2nd Equipment not causing incendiary bullets damage in LV. (Brian)

Monday 25th December 2017
- Added '/ping playerName' if you need to monitor someones ping like if you expect them to be cheating. (Arran)
- Added Prototype as Honorable for his contribution in players' entertainment. (Brian)
- Added '/barriers'. (JAVAAA + Arran + TomHartS2)

Saturday 23rd December 2017
- Fixed descending with jetpack causing food consumption. (Arran + rellic)

Friday 22nd December 2017
- Fixed an MTA sync exploit to do with jumping while throwing a projectile. (Arran + Vampire)
- Restaurants now require meat to operate, increased hourly profit. (Arran)
- Barriers placed in the law farm training dimension won't get removed if creator is far away. (Arran + Volcano)

Thursday 21st December 2017
- K90 and Medusa passed Trial Staff. (Head and High Staff)

Wednesday 20th December 2017
- Made Hunter job pay with meat units. You can either keep them or sell them inside F7 market. (Arran + Brian)
- Fixed being able to cause a disturbance multiple times in 1 go to get more wanted level. (Arran + Vampire)
- Fixed potential for abuse with '/goso' like if recently damaged. (Arran + Pepo)
- Heists: Cops won't be able to enter if there is already more cops inside than there is heisters. (Arran)
- Heists: To stop campers, cops can enter a heist even if they died in it if there's less than 2 cops in the heist. (Arran)

Tuesday 19th December 2017
- Forum: 'Community contributions' board can now be seen by anyone logged in. (Arran + JAVAAA)

Monday 18th December 2017
- Added skin 285 (SWAT outfit) to Military job. (Arran + Tomukas)
- Added a block for repeating character spam (like ffffff) and make CAPITALS SPAM lower case. (MHP + Arran)

Saturday 16th December 2017
- Heisters who die will now earn 50% of the loot they had, due to it being hard to survive. (Arran)

Thursday 14th December 2017
- Added LS turfs to live map. (Arran + Punjabii)
- Warbringer added as Trial Staff. (Staff Team & Community)
- Kirito and Mukhtar promoted to L3. (Head and High Staff)

Wednesday 13th December 2017
- Ingame and forum rules: Made it clear that you do not have the right to be ungrateful, playing here is a privilege. (Arran)
- Vampire and Jamaw promoted to L3. (Headstaff)

Tuesday 12th December 2017
- Removed criminal events. Added heists. (Arran)
- Groups: cleaned up whole group forum boards blacklist. There aren't any blacklisted group now. (Brian)

Sunday 10th December 2017
- Started Xmas event and added various mods provided by Randy. Added Christmas-themed weapon mods inside /gunmods. (Brian)
- Fixed criminals getting jailed if they walked into a jail marker at police station when not arrested. (Arran + Albus)

Friday 8th December 2017
- Re-scripted Medic missions so that peds to heal will be spawned where players died. (Brian)

Wednesday 6th December 2017
- Fixed turfs defended achievement not getting earned when defending 1000 turfs. (Arran + LchOL)
- Removed 'Diver' from '/stats'. (Arran + Lxuraz)
- Fixed event dimension option to make vehicles not collide. (Arran + Shadow)
- Renamed 'Top bank robber' to 'Most violent bank robber' because it's about kills. (Arran + RealGame)
- Fixed certain ways of getting jailed not counting towards jail statistics. (Arran + Tenb)

Tuesday 5th December 2017
- Fixed criminal bosses not being able to use '/cbnote' as gangster. (Arran + Dream)
- Increased hourly profit of restaurants from $150,000 to $170,000. (Arran + DesiigneR)
- Fixed cops being able to get tazered in criminal events. (Arran + RealGame)
- Criminals who survived the last criminal event won't be guaranteed entry to the next. (Arran + RealGame)
- Animations can be used in criminal events before the event starts. (Arran + RealGame)
- Criminal boss call to criminals can now be seen by gangsters outside of LV. (Arran + Albus)
- Admin jail punishments can now be issued for very long durations without breaking, as an alternative to a ban. (Arran)

Monday 4th December 2017
- All text in '/settings' can now be translated to other languages by translators. (Arran + Vampire)
- Added 'Food' to the shops that sold melee weapons. (Arran)
- Made steroid drug more realistic by getting the extra health at the cost of consuming food. (Arran)
- Added store robbery support to 'Ganton 24/7'. (Arran + JRic)
- A gangster killed by a gangster can now select a custom respawn if no cop was within 100 meters. (Arran + Brian)

Sunday 3rd December 2017
- Added 30 new races including some boat races. (Vampire)
- Fixed Gangsters being able to hurt other gangsters inside armed robberies and outdoor CE's. (Brian + ExiSenza)

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